Is LASIK Right For You?

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Discover the Benefits of LASIK Eye Surgery

Are you contemplating laser refractive eye surgery in Atlanta, Georgia? One of the first questions you might ask is: “How do I know if LASIK is right for me?” and “How much will the surgery cost?” Before you even schedule your first LASIK consultation at LasikATL, you can get a clearer picture of your current expenses and potential savings with our LASIK cost calculator.

Why Consider LASIK?

LASIK eye surgery offers more than just the promise of improved vision; it’s a pathway to visual and financial freedom. Many of our Atlanta patients find that the cost of the procedure is quickly offset by the ongoing savings of no longer needing to purchase prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses.

Evaluate Your Current Costs

Use our LASIK cost calculator to assess how much you’re currently spending annually on glasses and contact lenses. This tool will help you understand the financial burden of your prescription eyewear over time.

Benefits Beyond Cost Savings


Say goodbye to the daily hassles of cleaning and wearing contacts or remembering where you left your glasses.

Lifestyle Freedom:

Enjoy activities like swimming, running, or hiking without the interference of corrective eyewear.

Long-Term Eye Health:

Reduce the risk of infections and complications associated with contact lens use.

Taking the Next Step

Ready to explore how LASIK can change your life? Take your time with our LASIK cost calculator and consider all the benefits and improvements to your quality of life.

How to Know if LASIK is Right for You?

Personal Eligibility

Eye Health: Ideal candidates have stable vision prescriptions for at least one year, healthy eyes with no significant corneal diseases, and are not pregnant or nursing, as these conditions can affect the stability of your vision.

Lifestyle Considerations: If your lifestyle or job demands better unaided vision, LASIK could be a beneficial option.

Age and Prescription: Typically, candidates are 18 years or older with a stable lens prescription. A consultation will confirm if your specific vision correction needs align with what LASIK can effectively treat.

Schedule Your LASIK Consultation in Atlanta

Join us at LasikATL to discuss whether LASIK is the right choice for you. Our experts are here to guide you through every step of the process, from initial consultation to post-surgery care.