Comprehensive LASIK Eye Care Plans at LasikATL - Atlanta, Georgia

Welcome to LasikATL, where we are dedicated to providing top-tier LASIK and PRK services right here in Atlanta, Georgia. Our commitment to your vision extends from offering transparent pricing to ensuring long-term eye health with our range of care plans. Join us for a free consultation to get a detailed quote, learn about our innovative procedures, and discuss the best options tailored to your vision needs.

Transparent Pricing for LASIK and PRK

List Price: $2,200 per eye.

Includes: Comprehensive preoperative measurements, surgical and facility fees, and all postoperative visits for one year.

Factors Influencing LASIK Eye Surgery Price

Dedicated to ensuring your vision needs are met for years to come, LasikATL offers several post-operative warranty options without any conditions, restrictions, or eligibility criteria:

5-Year Plan:

Cost: $550

7-Year Plan:

Cost: $750

Lifetime Plan:

Cost: $1,000

The fee includes preoperative measurements, the surgical fee, facility fee, and all postoperative visits for a year.

Patients may need to purchase antibiotic and other necessary post-op eye drops, typically around $30, usually reimbursable by health insurance.

Most health eye care plans do not cover LASIK. However, we accept many comprehensive insurance and vision plans that may offer partial coverage. Please provide your insurance details during your consultation.

Financing Your LASIK Surgery

Financing Options:

Various financing plans are available with approved credit, with or without a down payment. Detailed information and eligibility criteria are available upon consultation.

Payment Information:

Initial Consultation:


Pre-Op Measurements:

$250 (credited towards the procedure cost if you proceed).

Accepted Payment Methods:

All major credit cards, bank checks, and personal checks (accepted one week prior to surgery). Debit cards are accepted for payments up to $500.

Ready to Start Your Vision Journey?

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