Virtual Consultations at
LasikATL - Atlanta, GA

At LasikATL of Atlanta, Georgia, we understand the importance of flexibility and convenience in managing your vision care needs. Our virtual consultations provide a comprehensive and straightforward way to begin your journey toward clearer vision, right from the comfort of your home.

What to Expect from a Virtual Consultation?

Comprehensive Questionnaire Your virtual consultation will start with an experienced consultant reviewing your eye health and history. You can expect to discuss:

Your current use of glasses or contact lenses.

Details about your vision prescription and strength

Any previous eye surgeries or trauma

General health conditions that might impact your eyes

Current medications

Age-related eye concerns

Any other conditions that might affect potential surgery

Possibility of Non-Candidacy

While it’s rare, there is a chance you may be deemed a non-candidate based on the preoperative diagnostics. If this happens, we will discuss alternative treatments that could better suit your needs before considering surgery.

Personalized Procedures & Pricing Options

Based on your needs, our consultant will discuss personalized vision correction options that offer the best value and outcomes for your specific situation. We aim to make vision correction solutions accessible and affordable to everyone in the Atlanta community.

Diagnostics & Preoperative Appointment

To ensure you are a good candidate for surgery, you will need to visit LasikATL for a preoperative appointment. This visit includes:

Advanced Eye Examinations:

Thorough diagnostic tests to assess your eye health.

Visual Acuity Tests:

Detailed measurements to determine how well you see.

Topography and Mapping:

Advanced mapping of the surface of your eye.

In-depth Review:

A consultation with our eye care professionals to go over your results.

Candidacy Confirmation:

Final determination of your suitability for surgery.

Discussion of Alternative Options:

If necessary, we’ll discuss other vision correction alternatives.

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At LasikATL, your vision is our priority. Begin your journey to clearer vision with our easy and informative virtual consultation process. Book your appointment today and take the first step towards a life with enhanced sight.

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